Best Place to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver in Sylva, NC

Best Place to buy gold and silver

Best Place to buy gold and silver

Along with the huge increase in the price of gold has come a huge increase in the number of places buying gold. I have seen everything from produce stands to pet stores that have started buying gold. And everyone of them says that “we pay more“. Not to mention the fly by night “antique auctions” that take out full page advertisements in the paper, show up at a hotel for a weekend and then are gone the next day like some kind of traveling circus. This is a very convenient way to do business if you don’t want police asking questions and you don’t want to be around when the people you are buying from realize that you ripped them off. Of course there are also the 1-800 numbers and internet sites that want you to send them your gold so they can tell you what it’s worth and pay you a ton…if you will only trust them. Doesn’t sound fishy at all does it?

Buying and Selling Gold for 20 yrs!

We have been in business paying the most for gold since it was $350 an ounce. That was almost 20 years ago and we are still in business paying the most for gold now that it is over $1500 an ounce. We understand that people that are selling gold don’t know exactly what they are doing and are happy to explain the process as we go along. Our employees are well trained and experienced buyers and will answer any questions you might have. We will also test anything you might have for free whether we buy your gold or not. We buy gold and silver coins, bullion and jewelry in any condition.

Guaranteed Best Price for Your Gold, Silver or Coins

Now the best part. We know all gold buyers are saying they pay more so we call around once a week just to make sure we are paying more. We always are, but don’t take our word for it. Shop your gold around from here to New York if you want and then bring it to us. We will pay more. If we quote a price and by some chance you find someone who is higher we will match that price and pay you an additional 50 cents per gram. That is our guarantee. We advertise that we pay the most and we put our money where our mouth is. Come in anytime for a professional no pressure offer on your gold or silver